We want you to love this city

We are a small team of young locals and foreigners driven by a passion for food and for sharing the best parts of the city we love. We live in Chengdu and use our on-the-ground knowledge to design custom food experiences that range from urban explorations to foraging trips in the mountains.



A Story of Food

There is a reason Chengdu is a UNESCO World City of Gastronomy. It’s is a city known for it leisurely lifestyle and you can taste it in the food  – long slow meals, family cook-outs, travels to the countryside for freshness, and second dinners to fuel drinking. The food here isn’t just delicious, it’s your best insight into the food culture that is so important to the city’s feel.  We’re here to help you cross the barriers of standard tourism and see what this city and its people are really about.


  • Serious foodies look no further! 

    John, Australia
  • Highlight of our trip.

    Laura, USA
  • A food lovers delight…fascinating insights into the cuisine of Sichuan.

    Sharon, Canada

 The Team


Jordan Porter
Anita Lai
Pen Per



We’re dedicated to finding the best places and flavors this city has to offer and sharing them with you. We don’t just live here, we LOVE it here, and it’s our job to create each experience in a personal unique way that connects you to the city, its people and stories. We can’t wait to show you why we’re so proud of this city we call home.


Let's Eat!