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Chengdu Classics

In this 3-4 hour walking tour of one of Chengdu's older neighborhoods you will get to know the classic numb and spicy tastes of Sichuan cuisine by sampling snacks, street-food and authentic family style dishes before indulging yourself in the bustling, spicy atmosphere of one of the cities famous Hot Pot restaurants.

City of Leisure

This half-day tour takes you to the hills outside the city where you can learn about and experience the famous lesisurely lifestyle of Chengdu. Visit a mountain temple, drink tea at a Farmer's Inn, learn how to play Majiang and eat Chai Huo Ji - a chicken cooked over a wood fire - and other specialties not available in the city.


Looking for something specific,or perhaps more adventurous? We will design a tour just for you, whether you want to have the spiciest, weirdest eats in the city, dine vegetarian, find the best noodles in town, or check out some of Chengdu's exclusive private kitchens. Just let us know what you want and we will make it happen.

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