The best way to get to know the city

In this essential Chengdu Food experience we will explore an older neighborhood of the city to learn about and taste some of the best it has to offer. We will also hear about the stories behind the food, the history and development of the cuisine and get to enjoy the lively food-culture that makes Chengdu such as special place.

All of our itineraries include a market exploration where we learn about ingredients, food sources and the role the spaces play in the community.

What’s Included:1768414753

A typical itinerary looks something like this:

  • Guo Kui – spiced meat and veggies stuffed in a fresh baked pita-like bread

  • Noodles and dumplings, because yeah!

  • Explore a local wet-market and see EVERYTHING that goes into making  Sichuan Cuisine

  • Sample Sichuan peppercorns

  • Sample local spirits

  • Fried spiced breads/street snacks

  • Family style dinner

  • Free drinks (including local beer and spirits, woohoo)!

We do our best to customize all of our experiences based on your food goals. We have an in-depth knowledge of every neighborhood we operate in that allows us to make changes along the way to help get you the things you are most interested in.


Big groups and private/personal tours are available upon request. Prices may vary.

*Our prices are all inclusive of everything we consume along the way. Souvenirs, including spices are not included.

Let's Eat!