What do you want to eat?

We create custom experiences that range from all-day noodle explorations to foraging for wild greens and learning about food sources.


We have worked with chefs, restaurateurs, artists, researchers, journalists, film-makers and travellers to put together activities that give them specific and in-depth insight into Sichuan cuisine and food culture.



We will work with you to create experiences and itineraries that help you accomplish your specific goals, but here are some ideas for customizable tours that we do regularly:

Foraging for bamboo in the mountains

Foraging for bamboo in the mountains

  • Discover the city’s best noodles and dumplings

  • Vegetarian food tour

  • Pickling workshops (paocai)

  • Baijiu tastings, and spirit infusing workshops

  • Foraging expeditions to the countryside

  • Adventurous eats

  • Restaurant consulting

Custom experiences are privately organized and costs depend on what is involved and the number of people.  Please get in touch and we will be happy to work out something just for you.


Fixing for media and film-makers

We love Chengdu and want to help its story be told on the global stage.

We  have an in-depth, and involved knowledge of the city, its surroundings, and key/interesting players in it’s food scene. You can leverage our years of on-the-ground experience to help arrange locations and interviews with personal and nuanced insight into Chengdu, its people and its stories.


Let's Eat!