February 12, 2016 Jordan Porter

Eat the Experience

The best way to get the real Chengdu Experience? Eat it!

Ask anybody who lives here why they love Chengdu and you are unlikely to get a direct answer; really Chengdu is about a feeling, a lifestyle.  They city has a reputation as “a place that once you come you don’t want to leave.(来了就不想走的一个地方)”. People are friendly and laid back, and they take time to enjoy life  – oh, and the food is amazing! The locals embrace an Epicurean sort of lifestyle that places an importance on leisure time, as well as food and drink and it is precisely in embracing this lifestyle that one can discover the charms of the city – in a boisterous hot pot restaurant elbow to elbow with locals, or in a shady green park on a bamboo chair enjoying a cup of jasmine tea and the conversation of a good friend.

We believe that sites make nice photos, but experiences make memories.

At Chengdu Food Tours we believe that sites make nice photos, but experiences make memories. Our tours (though we hate this word)  are crafted to allow you to experience the local lifestyle through its incredible culinary scene.  All our tours take place in small groups, and allow you to explore neighborhoods, and get a feel for the city, all the while sampling some of the most unique and exciting tastes the world has to offer.  Our stops range from small, simple mom and pop joints, to street stalls, lavish hot pot restaurants, and the city’s most exclusive private kitchens.



Let us know what you want to try, or want from your experience, and we will make it happen.  We just want you to get to know the Chengdu we do, and love it as much as us!

Let's Eat!