March 14, 2017 Jordan Porter

ZiGong Food: The spiciest food in Sichuan

Photos from a field trip to Zigong

Lunch fer two in Zigong

冷吃兔 – Lunch fer two!

ZiGong is famous for a few things: salt mines, dinosaurs and the SPICIEST food in Sichuan. We headed the 200KM South East of Chengdu to this prefecture level city, (of almost 3 million people) to capture the colors and tastes of its famous cuisine.  Photo creds to our friend, photographer Max Santeusanio.

Zigong Fish

Fish drowning in chilis and green onion

Zigong restaurants are popular in Chengdu for those wishing to push their spice limits. Many migrants from the region have come to the ‘big city’ and brought their fiery cooking traditions with them, but it’s always best straight from the source.

Zigong Spices

Spices at the market

ZiGong food is characterized by its liberal use of chilis, including fresh red and green chilis as well as salt and young ginger.

Sichuan Cuisine is in itself a culmination of traditions, and varies greatly from region to region. Zigong food is largely recognized as the main-subgroup of Sichuan food after Chengdu food and ChongQing food.

Zigong market

good things

The ‘Salt City’ was famously wealthy throughout ancient China, due not only to its salt wells but its extraction techniques.

Zigong market

Pickles garlic

Alongside rabbit, and frogs, ZiGong is known for its ‘ChaoShou‘ dumplings in chili oil.

And also its fish dishes, as it is located on a tributary of the Yangtze.

Zigong fish


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