August 24, 2017 Jordan Porter

Chengdu Baijiu Club Official Launch

The 4 main types of baijiu

Chengdu Food Tours is excited to launch the Chengdu Baijiu Club.

Baijiu is the world’s most consumed spirit and by more than double that of the 2nd place, vodka. Yet it’s rarely consumed outside of China. Many foreigners living in China often first encounter baijiu without context, and form negative opinions of the category, based on it’s cheapest of worst iterations.  We wanted to create a space where people can learn about baijiu in a positive space, discover why it is unique and diverse and sample a variety of drinks to arm them with knowledge about the drink.

We held a series of guided tastings leading up to our official launch on World Baijiu Day 2017. Check out some pics from our photographer Jake Homovich that celebrate the event.

Baijiu Chengdu

The setup

Our founder, Jordan, walked us through a history of baijiu, the fermentation and production methods, and an intro to the 4 main types – strong aroma, light aroma, rice aroma and sauce aroma.

Light Aroma Baijiu Chengdu

Tasting the Light Aroma

But you can’t talk about baijiu without drinking it…

baijiu club chengdu

Baijiu Club Mascot – the dog, not Mike


drink up

Not the mascot – drink up!

baijiu club

My Jiu is Bai Jiu



The Chengdu Baijiu Club will hold monthly events that introduce the baijiu basics and help introduce the spirit, in context to a new audience. Check out an interview with Jordan about Baijiu Club here.

Baijiu Club will also offer a series of deeper learning events, trips to baijiu factories and curated tastings. If you’re interested in learning more get in touch and we can setup private events as well – or stay tuned for our next one in Chengdu!

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